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Company Facts

Our sales reps use a needs assessment process that forces us to ask the right questions. Our aim is to bring value to our customers and improve the situation in every step of the process.

1.800.803.WPPP (9777)

WPPP Downey
Corporate Offices
9400 Hall Road Downey, Ca. 90241
562.803.4401 Fax. 562.803.6365
9350 Hall Road Downey, Ca. 90241

Kevin Duncombe
Extension 222
Phil Wijmer
Extension 257
Vice President of Plant and Operations
Alisha Martinson
Extension 229
John D'Ornellas
Extension 223
Business Development Manager
John Shandy
Extension 224
Sales Manager
Natasha Licona
Extension 255
Customer Service Manager
Andrei Espino
Extension 234
Traffic Manager
Ralph Orsino
Extension 225
Plastic & Metals Commodities Manager
Lena Ramirez
Extension 228

WPPP Oakland
1221 3rd Street, Oakland, Ca. 94607
PO Box 23771, Oakland, Ca. 94623

Chris Bowers General Manager of Operations
Cynthia Keeney
Extension 301
Customer Service

WPPP Las Vegas
5475 Wynn Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Kyle Duncombe General Manager of Operations
Deanna Baker Customer Service