About Us

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Company Facts
As a premier independent recycler, we ship over 35,000 tons of recovered paper and other materials per month.

Since 1983, Western Pacific has helped companies recover value from their waste stream. Through processing recyclable paper, plastic, metals and any other recyclable material, you can move forward your goal of zero waste and develop an additional revenue stream for your organization. As the Recycling industry has continued to evolve, so have we, with solid partnerships both internationally and domestically for processors and mills, as well as our worldwide marketing of recyclable materials, means you will receive the most revenue and best service for all your recovered material.

Western Pacific is equipped to serve both small and large business facilities, offering 24/7 service to pick up, receive and ship your materials.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Recycling / waste diversion consulting
  • Worldwide marketing service
  • Complete brokerage services
  • Full service traffic department
  • Company owned collection equipment
  • Certified weighmasters and scales